Friday, October 25, 2013

Chocolate chip cookies

My Brother got braces this week... and naturally he isn't going to be allowed to eat certain foods. So over the weekend before he got his braces, we had a cookie party of sorts. We made Milk Chocolate Cookies (which I have previously blogged about) and  Chocolate Chip Cookies. 

I realized before I made the Chocolate Chip Cookies that everyone has they favorite chocolate chip recipe, but I don't think I realized just how many recipes were out there. There are recipes that say to freeze the dough for 24 to 48 hours, to make it more of a soft chewy cookie, and there were others that called for more butter to make them nice and crunchy. In the end I found this article The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes It is a really awesome article that has a whole bucket load of chocolate chip cookie recipes, from classic chocolate chip cookie recipes (which differ from soft and chewy to crunchy) to the more experimental chocolate chip cookie recipe (like bacon chocolate chip cookies and a egg-less chocolate chip cookies).

Guess what kind of chocolate chips we used? These cool new ones that Mom found. They are Hersey's baking melts. What is cool about them is when the cookies are warm the shell of the chocolate chips are almost hard and then when you take a bite the chocolate chips were all melted and gorgeous looking, the only problem with them is since they are bigger chips they did  not mix consistently into the dough, which caused  some of the cookie dough to not get any chocolate chips in them :-/and other areas to have too many chips.

I am pretty sure that the cookies were in the oven too long because they weren't as chewy as the recipe promised. I noticed that after 5 minutes in the oven they started to get soupy looking, which caused them to flatten out. I think this lead them to being not as soft and chewy.

They still tasted good, but if you put this cookie on a plate next to the Milk Chocolate Cookie and asked me to choose, I'd most probably go for the Milk Chocolate one. Maybe it's because they're chocolate on chocolate, or maybe because they are chewy or maybe it is just because I find the dough of any classic chocolate chip cookie to be kinda dull. 

Overall this recipe was a 3 (so-so).

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