Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Persimmon Pecan Cookies

Have you ever heard of a little fruit called a Persimmon? Well I hadn't, but guess what kind of tree we have in our new backyard... Yep, a Persimmon tree.

The shape of them reminds me of a cross between a cherry tomato and a plum, but the color reminds me of an apricot. They are small enough to fit 3 or 4 in the palm of your hand.

And naturally what is the best way to eat any kind of fruit? In the form of a cookie, of course!!  

And you should know I did a couple things different. 1) I didn't use walnuts, instead I used pecans. Because they were the nuts we had in the pantry. 2) I didn't use the same amount of persimmons. Mainly because didn't want anyone to think it was gross... So I did about half. Which in the end it was more like adding persimmon chucks instead of persimmon puree. That way those who didn't like them could remove them from the cookie.

Another thing to note is I think the persimmon tree in our backyard is a different type of persimmon then the kind in the post with the recipe. Because I did a google search and it turns out there are two or three different varieties of persimmons, some are sweet and some are spicy.
Overall I think this was a good recipe...because the cookie was good cold and warm, which is usually how you know you've found a good recipe! Next time I'll have to try it exactly how the recipe says :-P 

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