Monday, August 24, 2015

Mr. Waffles

Usually, when we start fostering a dog or puppy, we are the ones that found it in a bad part of town or someone sees said dog's picture on SOAR's Facebook page, falls in love, promptly shows the picture to the rest of the family, who also fall in love with said dog. And usually it's when we've said that we were going to take a break...

This was the case with Mr. Waffles. But never before have we seriously, seriously considered Foster Failing. Sure, we might have with Loki, but I consider that to be different. We weren't "Officially" fostering him. Plus he's a cat. We've said it a couple times, that we won't foster a cat (or cats) because it's trouble. Loki is the proof of that :-P

So, in a matter of a week, this fluffy, goofy, cute little guy with such expressive ears, is a Foster Fail. Of course, mom has been wanting a little dog for quite some time, but we never really thought we would find "the one" because usually little dogs are so yappy and puppies aren't available for fostering for very long... But this puppy was unspoken for and the only thing we said was that we would like to foster a boy. The vet tech said he was the best of the litter and I couldn't agree more. We warned the head of the rescue group that we might end up wanting to adopt him and she didn't mind.

Mom made sure that we were all on board with adopting this fellow. Of course, he is liked by our other dogs and the cats don't seem to care (although he sure likes them.) We're still fostering Z-Bo and pray every day that a suitable forever home is found for him... the sooner the better because every day he gets more attached to us and he is a creature of habit, doesn't like change. 

Anyway, Mr. Waffles is a Chihuahua/Pomeranian/Papillion/Mix... another mutt for our motley crew. He is the salt in our pepper! He will most likely stay under 10 pounds and he's the smartest puppy we've had the pleasure of raising in a long time (since Charlie, actually.)

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Would you believe it if I told you that Miss Maggie Moo went and got adopted?!?!?!

I hope so. Because Mags got adopted by this lovely family and they are the most perfect match! I don't think we could have dreamed up a better family for her. :-)

And you know what's even better? Getting pictures like this a couple weeks after she was adopted... 

And this is why we are able to foster and then say goodbye. Always brings a smile... and it certainly warms my heart. Awesome!