Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Loki and Z-Bo

 In forty-eight hours, we went from having eight animals in the house, to having ten. Ten animals! Honestly, this is a new record for us. So, without further ado, I introduce Z-Bo and Loki!

Loki and Z-Bo are excellent guys... a real hoot to be around! 

We found out that Z-Bo has Heartworms, but SOAR Doggy Rescue agreed to take him on as one of their dogs so the money we raised will go to them and Z-Bo will get HW treatment as well as all of the other stuff he needs. We just had to agree to foster him until he finds a new home. Have I said before how awesome SOAR is?

The first couple of days were chaotic, but now we've got a nice system set up and he likes schedules and consistency. But I still can't believe it... 

Loki is healthy, just has a bit of an unbalanced stomach. And so the vet gave us some medicine to help get him balanced and although he doesn't like it, he takes it like a champ.

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