Monday, May 4, 2015

Homemade Butter

Yes, you read that correctly.

 We made butter! It was soooo simple! All you need is...

  • 1 Glass jar with a lid
  • Heavy Whipping Cream
  • People to take turns shaking

That's it. It's like magic.

You pour the whipping cream in the jar, filling it up about halfway, screw the lid on and shake. I highly recommend playing music, because then you can shake it to the beat... it's highly entertaining.

Also, I almost forgot, this makes butter and buttermilk. It's a one-two punch!

As you shake it, you're going to notice it go thru a couple of stages: 1) whipped cream, 2) clotted cream (it's gonna feel like you broke the whipped cream), and 3) butter with buttermilk. Once you get to stage 3, you drain the buttermilk into a container to save for later, and then you plop the butter out of the jar and knead it under cold water. This last step makes sure that you just have butter, that all the buttermilk is gone. And then, you have to try it of course! It is delicious! You can add a little salt to the butter, but we like it as is.

We found the recipe here.

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