Monday, October 21, 2013

Thoughts This Week

Luna on the left and Reba on the right
My baking has sort of taken a back seat... We have been incredibly busy and so I don't have much time to research recipes to try. 

What have we been up to lately? Well, about 3 weeks ago we were trying to  find a different way home because of a car accident and we came across what is basically a dog dumping ground. We've started dropping off food and water there, and so have other people.... which makes it both sad and cool! Sad because other people know about the dogs and cool because other people are willing to take time out of their day to at least feed these dogs. And Mom later found out after she placed a couple of dog found ads, that there are people trying to catch these dogs and network them to find homes or rescues for them.The second time Mom and Dad were dropping off food they saw these two puppies bouncing around, playing with the water in the ditch. They couldn't in good conscience just leave these puppies, so they  put them in the car and took them home. We took them to the vet, got them checked out to make sure they were all right, and we also checked them for microchips in case they were lost dogs and not dumped dogs, but nope, they had no microchips.
I think my brother and I were hoping to keep one or both of the puppies. My parents said we could keep one and find one a home... we will just keep her for as long as it takes to find her a good home. Anyway, we chose Luna because 1.) black dogs don't seem to find homes as fast and easy as other colored dogs, 2.) she is more shy submissive... maybe too submissive and we don't want her ending up as bait in a dog fighting ring, 3.) our other 2 dogs and the 3 cats seem to prefer her company and we have to try to keep the pack happy.

We think that Reba is a German Shepard mix or a Belgian Malinois Mix, but we're not sure about Luna.... some days we think they came from the same litter, other days it seems they came from different litters. The vet said that they're about 4 months old. We have de-wormed them, given them heart worm preventative, and given them their first shots as well as baths and used some Frontline spray to protect them from fleas and ticks. We don't think they were dumped for very long because they were in pretty good shape, didn't have any ticks, their nails were recently cut, etc.

So I won't be baking this week because Reba and Luna are occupying the kitchen. We are also crate training and potty training... my homeschool days have gotten a lot longer LOL.

Black and white mom
Mr. Rusty
A local animal rescue is trying to help the other dogs at the dumping ground. They were able to get two, a black and white female (she is in pretty bad shape), and a friendly guy we've been calling Mr. Rusty. I believe the rescue group found fosters for both of them. There is still the shy girl that the rescue is also trying to get... she's so shy they may have to trap her.

Shy Girl

 A little after the rescue group got Mr. Rusty, another dog was dumped, but this time the dog is in really bad shape. We call him Jack. He is a real sweetie, which I think is really awesome considering he is really underweight and he has some kind of skin condition.
One thing that frustrates and makes me mad about all this is the people that live in the neighborhood near the dogs don't drop off food... they don't even slow down when they get near the dogs, in fact they just honk at them and speed through. 


The worst thing about this whole situation was that there was another dog, Daphne, living there (we're guessing pretty much all her life) and Mom and Dad said that we would bring her home when we earned her trust. She was the one taking care
Daphne, Reba and Luna
of Reba and Luna. Sadly, the last time we dropped off food she was not with the guys, she was a little further up, so we just thought that she needed a break from the boys (because she was the only girl there). But when we checked on her it turned out she had been hit by a car. Daphne died when we were taking her to the emergency vet. Mom tells me that maybe she was waiting for us and for the first time she allowed Dad to get close to her (she wouldn't go near him before this) and pick her up. We named her and showed her some kindness and love before she passed away. We showed her that someone actually cared about her.

After that, we made a plan to get Jack the very next day... we didn't want the same thing to happen to him. We knew he would be easy to get in the car to take him home... he really likes my Dad and trusts us. We picked him up and he is staying in my Mom's future studio (the garage that was insulated and converted into a living space.) Mom was able to get a rescue group to help us vet him. He went to the vet yesterday and soon I will post the info of the rescue group in case any of you would like to donate towards his care.

He is safe.... we are slowly learning about him, letting him adjust to being here and getting him healthy. He is on medication for his skin, and he will have a follow up visit next week. I am sure I will be blogging about him and the puppies in the future. 

Shy guy is still out there. We have dropped off food for him and are hoping the ladies will be able to trap him soon. It's getting cold out and he is so far alone. Mom just wants him rescued so she can stop worrying... and also, so she can stop going out there to check on him. She doesn't want to find another dumped dog.

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