Thursday, April 27, 2017

First Hand Account of Sunset Photography

Disclaimer: I've attempted to photograph a sunset once - I am by no means an expert...

I am, however, very excited with my results. So, naturally, I feel I must write a blog post about it.

I didn't find too many how-to articles on photographing sunsets. I guess sunsets aren't as popular as waterfalls, dogs, babies, or insects. I find this funny because it certainly seems like pictures of sunsets populate most searches... Anyway, the article above is pretty good.

There are three things I think are necessary to capturing a good photo of a sunset:
  • A low ISO. I used ISO 100, but if your camera goes lower, go for it. Since you're  photographing the sun, any "noise" will be more evident if you use a higher ISO. Of course, using a low ISO will mean you need a longer shutter speed or higher aperture.
  • The Rule of Thirds. I really like it. It tends to add another level of interest to the photo.
  • A tripod. You want the clearest, crispiest photo you can.

At any rate, since the area we moved to has gorgeous scenery, you can bet this will not be the last time I take photos of sunsets! Speaking of which, I need to find a good camera bag for my DSLR and gear so that it's more natural to just grab it on my way out the door.

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