Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Stuff

Alright, I think its time for an update on the dogs in our house...

Reba has been adopted... She is a Florida dog now and I am completely confident that she will be very spoiled, which is awesome! Her adopters renamed her Jasmine and it sounds like she is doing great. I love that they have been sending us updates... it makes me feel like we definitely chose the right family for her!

Jack has moved inside and is no longer using Mom's studio... so one of these days we will help her unpack her stuff and move in there. He was neutered on Friday and his healing is going great! He doesn't even seem to have noticed that he had a procedure done and we haven't had to put the cone of shame on him because he is leaving the stitches alone. We have discovered he gets along with dogs and doesn't mind the cats in the house (he will bark at cats outside - at least so far. We are taking it one step at a time to ensure the dogs get along and we don't have any problems... its a little complicated with having both older dogs and the puppy... everyone has a different play style. We are continuing the crate training, but he doesn't like it so much now that he can see and hear us... In the evenings we let him in the living room with us and our dogs. Most of his skin issues have cleared up, but it looks like he has some ringworm so we are now giving him medicine for that... sort of fighting it from the inside out. We are also putting anti-fungal cream on the spots on his body. The vet weighed him at 66, so he is definitely putting his weight back on:)He does real good at listening to us when outside and inside only gives us a hard time when it is time to go into his crate. We found him a few toys that he hasn't been able to destroy in 2 minutes... none of them are soft and squishy.

Charlie and Apple are getting along great with Luna and vise versa. Luna is doing great, she is playing and she recently discovered how to do zoomies, which is hilarious to watch! She is getting spayed today. She is up to 25 lbs and is doing really good with her crate training. I have no doubt that one day she will be trusted to hang out on Mom's bed with Charlie and Apple when we go shopping. She didn't seem to miss Reba too much when Reba went to her new home. The only trouble we have with her is that she is a slow eater and if the others show interest in her food, then she won't eat it. We can usually get her to eat if we get out a spoon and feed her from the spoon... She is training us!

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