Tuesday, April 4, 2017

New House, New Rooms

This move, my brother and I have had a little bit of difficulty pinning down the way we want to paint each of our rooms. It's not because we aren't seeing and dreaming up ideas that we like, but it's because there are so many ideas and so little time. 

I think part of my problem also was that for the first time ever, I was designing my walls around two things... These curtains, which I can't wait to get. And my furniture. Before we knew we were moving, I redid the furniture in my bedroom. With the help of my brother, they all got lugged out to the garage. Then they got sanded, I painted them a deep purple, lightly sanded them again to make the purple paint look weathered, applied black stain on them, wiped it off, and then I applied polyurethane... THREE coats each! The end result was absolutely worth it!

So, that was what I was planning my room around. 

I think my parents can testify that I could not decide what I wanted to do. When I first began looking at paint chips, I was looking for lime green. Then I started looking at tuquoise. Then I looked at oranges, which I have a soft spot for. (My room in the old house was orange.) Then, by Mom's guidance, I started looking at light purples.

Anyways, I have a plan now. I'm 99% certain (the 1% is reserved for if the color paint chips look bad in my new room.) We are supposed to close tomorrow, so then we can come and go as we please and I can see how they look in the actual space with the actual light.

You can bet there will be a blog post about it after we do it!

P.S. My apologies for the lack of blog posts lately. Things finally started moving along with our relocation. But I'm back ;-)

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