Monday, December 16, 2013

Yes... I Did It!

I made the biscuits rise this time!

After watching videos, reading more blogs, and changing the amount of flour in this recipe to 2 ½ cups... It worked!

What I learned...
1) You cannot twist the biscuit cutter when you cut the biscuits, because this seals the edges so that it won't rise.
2) You cannot roll the dough... you have to fold the dough on itself like a envelope a couple of times, then flatten it gently with your hands. I found that folding it on itself will create layers... Which I think helps it rise.

3) You must use a lot of flour on the counter and on top of the dough, and sometimes you need to add more flour on top before you fold again.
4) As a part of my research before I do a recipe, I am going to watch videos on the recipe I choose to do as well.
5) I found that placing them on the cookie sheet close together helped them rise.
6)Practice is key!

Next time I will...
Swap the tbsp of honey for 2 tbsp of white sugar. Because these biscuits are good, in fact they are very good, but they aren't that sweet... not like the other biscuit recipe I did.

The recipe can be found in here.

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