Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Complete Report

A few days ago, I did a post about the beginning stages of my room. Today, I will continue talking a bit about the process and proceed to show off a 98% completed room.

So, after I finished the white, I taped it off. I used this tape called Frog Tape. We used it in my brother's room in the last house to get nice clean lines, so I used it again. 

Freshly taped walls.

It was a tad tedious taping all of the peaks on the walls, but it didn't take too long. This time, I think I handled the tape a bit too much, because I didn't get nice sharp lines. Aw well. It still looks mighty cool.

Notice the bits of purple that crept in.
Because I knew this would bug me over time, I embarked on the journey of touching up the white with an art paint brush. It hasn't been too hard, it's just slow. I plan on finishing up this part today.

The tidied up peaks. Much better!
So, there it is. My new room. I really love how it turned out! A special thank you goes out to my brother, who rolled the purple for me. My dad, who I talked into painting my ceiling. And my mom, for all her sage advice and expertise! Thanks, Y'all! 

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