Thursday, August 11, 2016

Imma Back!

I did it again. I completely ignored my blog. What can I say... it was summer. And an eventful one, too.

Z-Bo got adopted!!! A nice couple adopted him. He lives on a golf course and has a fellow k-9 companion. Sometimes we miss him, but more than that, we are so happy for him! We're taking a brake from fostering for a little bit. Seriously! This time we are!

Also, this summer My mom, brother and I got confirmed in the Catholic church!

My brother and I also visited our grandparents. My parents gifted us with round trip airline tickets and three weeks of vacation without them. We've flown before, but don't remember because we were so young. This trip, we will always remember! We had a great time... it was very nice to see my grandparents and my Aunt and Uncle. It was strange, though, not to be around all of our pets and not having the usual chores to do. My grandpa is already making plans for next year!

We've also been getting some home improvement things done around the house. We tiled the family room after completing the renovation of my brother's bathroom. We plan on tiling the hallway soon. My mom and I really enjoy it and work well together. My dad and brother have been scraping the ceiling in the main living areas.... it's incredibly messy, but it looks so good when it is done! And we painted the dining room.

And now, school is starting once again. I'm hoping that this time I'll keep my blog more current. So, in an effort to do that, I'm going to be doing new things on my blog. I'll still write about recipes and my baking adventures, but I'm going to try and write about other things. Sometimes I'll write about something I'm researching. Other times I may share a news story or something that catches my eye. Hey, I may even ask my brother if he wants to hijack my blog every now and then... just to keep things interesting! :-)

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