Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Adventures of Z-Bo

We have had Z-Bo for about nine months, it's crazy. He is such wonderfully goofy gentleman that it's just amazing no one has snatched him up yet.

Sometimes this happens with fostering... Especially with big adult dogs. Not everyone searches for them, they want the smaller dogs or the puppies. And yeah, I get that. But that doesn't keep me from being sad for Z and all the other long term foster dogs that get over looked.

But it's all the sweeter when they do get adopted!

Recently, SOAR asked all the fosters of the dogs that have been in the rescue awhile to try and get some good videos and pictures, to get these dogs some more publicity.

And, well, when you've had a dog for nine months, you tend to have a hard time choosing your favorite  videos and pictures of him. So my brother and I played around in iMovie and made a montage of his best stuff. SOAR put it on their YouTube page. If you're interested in watching it, here's the link....

Feel free to share, You'd be amazed at how much that can help!

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