Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Pumpkin Puree and Fresh Pumpkin Pie

After we used this pumpkin to take pictures with all of our pets, I made puree with it.

It was much more simple than I had expected. The tidiest part was peeling the pumpkin. I later learned that you could leave the skin on and remove it after you boil it.

To get pumpkin puree, you boil the pumpkin (after it's been diced) in a pot of water until the pumpkin is fork tender. After that you can leave it in the "chunky" state it is, or you can puree it in a food processor. Next time I'm going to do that.

I made a pie with some of the puree, but it wasn't anything note worthy. In fact, my mom and brother didn't fancy it very much. The recipe I ended up using didn't use enough sugar, so it tasted very squash-like. Not exactly what you want in a pumpkin pie....

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