Thursday, April 2, 2015


It's been a good while since I forced myself to sit down and write for my blog. This week I'm playing catch up with the recipes I've done. So, here's what you missed with the fosters...

Both Rosemary and Maggie Moo got adopted. Rosemary is still with the couple who adopted her and they continue to love her. We also receive updates from them via Facebook. I love it when we receive updates from our previous fosters!


However, the lady who adopted Maggie Moo returned her to SOAR Doggy Rescue this past week because the lady has health issues and cannot continue to care for Maggie Moo. I hate it when people do this, but at least she returned her to the rescue and not the shelter. So, Miss Maggie Moo is back with us. It was great to see Maggie! She is really beautiful, Mom and I think she is cuter than when she was a puppy. She is a Pocket Pit weighing just 47lbs! Adorable! And she remembers everything about her routine at our house!! And of course she remembers our dogs and us (dogs have such good memories.) Luckily for us and more importantly, her, the lady had kept the name we gave her so that was one less change that she had to deal with.

Maggie Moo

We are also fostering another dog, Ruby. We took her in on Thanksgiving night. She is a bigger ham than Jack, which is saying a lot! She is about a year and a half and is a shepherd/lab mix and weighs 55lbs. She is still quite the puppy, but Maggie Moo moving in has helped her realize she must grow up a bit :-).


 Up until a week ago, we were networking her ourselves, but SOAR took her under their wings and now Ruby is getting even more exposure. Thank you SOAR!


Now the race is on, which one of these beautiful girls will get their forever home first?

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