Sunday, April 20, 2014

What's been going on?

 Happy Easter!
I have some updates on the adventures of Jack and Willow...

Willow was spayed on Thursday and she also was officially checked out by the vet. She doesn't have Heartworms (YAY!). The vet didn't really have a guess on her age, except that she is under a year old, or what type of dog she is (we will just continue to classify her as a goofball, LOL.) She is most likely a hound and labrador mix, but if you have any guesses, PLEASE share :-).

I'm pretty sure she is feeling better today and I think the main reason for this is because she is back with the rest of the pack. The first couple of days after her surgery, we had her in the kitchen away from the other dogs to let her recover. She protested by not eating much of her food and acting extremely sad. Mom thought that maybe she was upset and wanted to be with the other dogs. So, we let her in with everybody else and guess what? She ate her food! :-) She did really good with not chewing on her incision site, so she did not have to wear the cone of shame.

Do you want to know the best news? On Easter we received word that she has an adoption application! Someone wants to adopt her!! So, I hope it gets approved. She is such a sweet girl and will be someone's very best friend!

On the Saturday before Easter, we took Jack to an adoption event with Bailey's Arms (we would have taken Willow, but she was recovering from surgery.)

He did very well... No, he did AWESOME! He enjoyed soaking up all of the attention, loving every minute. He did well with the other fosters that were there as well as little kids that he isn't exposed to every day. It was a good socialization experience for him. He didn't get any adoption applications, but a lot of people were very interested in him. So, we'll keep our paws crossed that the right family comes along for him to rescue.

And hey, you have to start somewhere. For Jack's first adoption event he was awesome-sauce! And we'll do it again in a few weeks.... at a dog bakery!!!!!

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