Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I'm rather pleased that I can add Sourdough to the list of breads that I can make! 

Sourdough is one of those breads where it's a process. You have to be involved and take it step by step. It's also one of those breads where it takes an attempt or two to get it just so.

attempt #1

The frisbees
My first attempt missed the mark a little bit. It didn't smell quite right and it didn't rise very much, which lead it to be dense. I thought I knew dense before this loaf, but oh no! This loaf was so dense my brother really, really wanted to use it as a target for shooting. Pretty sure he still wishes we did...

Anyway. The results of attempt 1 were only fuel to my fire. So, the next day, I looked at more recipes and I found one. Before I found it, I was wondering if you could use a regular bread recipe and add some of the Starter to it for flavor. The recipe I found did just that. I used the recipe. It was magic bananas! The classic sourdough smell was there, it rose, and it looked gorgeous. But as good as it looked and smelled, it tasted even better!

Attempt #2

So, the next time I make Sourdough, I'm going to use my  go-to bread recipe with some of the sourdough starter. And then I'll post an official So Easy My Cat Could Bake It Sourdough recipe.

For now, you'll have to wait! 

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