Monday, June 30, 2014

News And Miscellaneous Things

I know... It has been a little while since I've sat down and wrote a blog post. Maybe I was just waiting to do a blog post until I could tell you this really, really good piece of news.

Willow received another application. Better yet, it was approved. And best of all, today she meets her adopters!

See? I told you it was really good news! 


Willow left our house on Thursday, to go on transport to Pennsylvania. Bailey's Arms is having a huge adoption event up in Pennsylvania. People that live around there are going to the event to meet the dogs they fell in love with and adopted online and others are hoping to meet a furry companion to take home.


We have no idea how the trip up there went - the lady who heads the rescue hasn't given any updates, so we are waiting on pins and needles. But, the father and son that adopted Willow have already sent us a very nice, day by day email. They also sent some pictures and a video. It sounds like Willow is doing great!

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