Monday, May 12, 2014

Woof Gang Bakery Adoption Event

Over the weekend Jack and Willow went to another adoption event with Bailey's Arms. It was apart of the Woof Gang Bakery national adopt-a-thon.

To be very honest, not many people showed up, which can be attributed to a couple factors: 
  • The bakery was at the very back of a strip mall, so despite the signs saying 'Bailey's Arms adoption event this way -> ', no one really saw the event.
  • Most of the dog lovers were at a local event called Dog-A-Roo, which is a 4k walk/run with your dog. So next time, maybe the adoption event should be moved so that it isn't at the same time as a big event like that, or maybe have the adoption event at Dog-A-Roo.
I know that it's good for the dogs to have the exposure that comes with going to these adoption events, but when no one really shows up, you can't help but feel like it's pointless. But we will not give up!

On a brighter note: Willow did fabulous at her first adoption event! And most importantly, this was a nice low-key event to test her at... she is a bit of a chicken and sometimes new situations scare her and stress her out. She was a little shy at first, but then surprising us, she seemed to be quite content and in her element.

You might be wondering why she went to the event if she already has an application... The reason is that her application is still being reviewed, they need to make sure the people who submitted the application have a fenced yard. So we shall cross our paws and wish on a star that they do have a fence!

Gentleman Jack did as awesome as he did at his first event, two weeks ago. I find it so weird that someone hasn't seen how awesome he is and said "I want to be that guy's best friend" and actually submitted an application.

We have another adoption event planned for the end of May. Please send up a little prayer that these two find their forever homes so that we can help another dog get off of the streets or out of the shelter!

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